Friday, January 28, 2011

Not much riding last week. No riding bikes, that is, instead I was riding this:

This is the Rocket at Universal Studios in Orlando, one of a few pretty exciting roller coasters. The family and I spend most of a week here, focusing on the new Harry Potter section of the park. We're all fans, and man did we get our dork on.

My girls next to the Weasley flying car:

Hogwarts castle:

Hmmm, hard choice, Guinness or butter beer?

And of course the obvious landmark:

Lots of fun, but was I glad to get home to the bikes. I felt like a total slug, stiff and fat, after eating too much and all the time on planes. The bike ride to work the first work day after I got back felt so good!

So, with vacation over and spring not too far away, it's time to focus on getting my mileage up. Giddyup!

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