Friday, January 13, 2012

Deeper, colder, darker...

snow ride!  Masterminded by JP, four of us headed up to the Beaver Res area, above 9000 ft., for one hell of a night ride.  Only 4.5 miles travelled on a short out and back, but with many calories burned, and most uphill stretches had to be walked.  Temps were in the low teens, with some serious wind chill - in the trees, though, the worst of the wind was avoided.

The terrain - deep snow somewhat packed due to ski traffic:

Toby, John, and Steve up front on an uphill stretch.  Steve managed to ride more of the uphill than the rest of us with his psuedo-snow bike (a Surly 1x1 frame fitted with a Pugsley fork and Large Marge rims):

Fall off the packed snow and you may not get up again. JP enjoys the landing:

And some more pictures, courtesy of JP (and hey, I'm in a couple of these!):

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