Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boulder to Ned

Meetin' up with the Johns at the coffee shop:

The plan?  To attempt to bust our way through snow and any other obstacles and climb up to the Ned area.  JP had ridden down from Ned to join us while JS and I had met up at his house and biked the mile or so here to find JP recovering with some hot tea.  Bad ass!

After the Boulder creek path and 4 Mile Canyon, this is the start of Wall Street (right below Salina):

Start of the Switzerland trail. At this point we were alternating between ice, snow, and dry ground:

Sometimes you gotta give up and walk - no shame in it, for any of us:

A nice dry spot and a good view east to the plains:

It's all about balance:

Stopping to enjoy a nice view of the divide:

High enough now to find long uninterrupted stretches of deep snow.  I had some winter shoes on (love my Shimano MW81s!), but the other guys didn't.  Not sure how they managed, I would have been miserable:

Moose print - guess they're more used to these conditions than we are: 

The very top of Switerland near the Peak to Peak highway is mostly plowed (mostly):

Then it was on to take in a quick view of the Caribou Ranch valley, then on to JP's house for a quick beer/snack, then the bus back to Boulder (we wanted the most expedient way home at that point).  Wait, aren't you supposed to take the bus up from Boulder to Ned?

The route:

About 35 miles and 4200 ft. of climbing

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