Friday, March 23, 2012

Weld county again... naturally

It's been a long winter, and a long winter season of trolling the dirt roads out NE of Longmont in Weld county.  Here's a typical 69 mile route that includes several scenic miles along the Poudre river between Greeley and Windsor:

What's that you say? Endless hours of the following is boring?

Actually there can be a fair amount of excitement, Weld county is a hot bed of all kinds of wholesome American activities.  For example, you have farming:

 and fracking:

 you've got drinking:



and dying:

And not as popular but high on my list, you've got riding:

But it's not all fun and games out there.  I know our educational system has some problems, but if people have to be warned about poorly performing kids, it's gotta be really bad:

Or maybe the sign is in reference to another problem?

Be careful, Weld county is full of barns!  I don't think squirting a water bottle at zombies will work as well as it does on aggro farm dogs. (I apologize for the lame humor, the mind really wanders on those long rides).

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